Committees & Officers

2024-2025 Club Officers

Sue Brennan, President

Crystal Case, Vice President

Sallie Costanza, Secretary

Carol Fetchak, Treasurer

CWC Committees

Arts Committee promotes the appreciation of the arts through member activities, such as attending plays, doing crafts and going on various tours. This committee is responsible for collecting items/pictures and assembling the club scrapbook which is given to the President at the end of the club year.

Auditing Committee is selected in May to audit the club books and usually consists of three members and the club Treasurer. All members are eligible to assist.

Education/Conservation and Road Clean-Up Committee is responsible for educating members on various relevant issues, organizing the club’s road clean-up of Progress Avenue two times per year and coordinating a monthly book group that meets to discuss a book or see a movie or play. This committee is also responsible for distributing club funds to each local elementary schools for their book fairs to be used to assist students who may not be able to afford new books. 

Family Living and Public Affairs Committee coordinates events that involve members and their families. They also target activities that promote positive relations with various community, civic or national groups. The committee is open to any and all suggestions as to activities to promote relationships within the community. 

Membership/Programs Committee strives to promote spirit and enthusiasm in new and long-standing members. Chaired by the club Vice President, this committee provides greeters for each meeting to welcome members, provide information about the club to visitors and help new members complete the registration process. The committee coordinates the initiation of new members during the December and May meetings, and also plans one or two special programs per year as another way to promote fellowship among members. 

Newsletter Committee is chaired by the club Secretary. The newsletter is emailed to members one week prior to each monthly meeting.

Nominating Committee is comprised of five members who are selected in March to compile a slate of officers to be voted on by the members during the April meeting. All current members, with the exception of the President and any member of the previous year’s committee, are eligible and no member can refuse to serve on the committee. The member that receives the most votes will be the committee chair. 

Social Committee. This group of ladies likes to have fun! This committee is responsible for planning events for members to get to know one another, including monthly dinners at various restaurants, monthly card night and events/activities which include spouses/guests. The social committee plans the December and May dinners and the annual spring camping trip…more fun than you should be allowed to have over a weekend!

Ways & Means/Philanthropic Committee assists in planning club fundraisers and in establishing the yearly club budget. At the end of each club year, all members vote on 6 non-profit organizations to fundraise for during the next club year. In April, all club members are given the opportunity to vote on the percentage of funds to be allocated to each of the chosen organizations. 

Website/Public Relations Committee manages the flow of information between the club and the public to keep CWC in the forefront of public service. The committee ensures the CWC website and Facebook page are updated on an ongoing basis to provide the public with timely and relevant club information and upcoming events. The committee is also responsible for providing information and articles to newspapers and community media outlets to ensure promotion of CWC’s ongoing commitment to the community.